Plannr is planning software that is build

for planners, by planners

Our co-founders set to work in 2013 to create a workforce scheduling tool that helps users plan their staff more efficiently and get more done in less time. From our own experience and testing various software packages for personnel planning, it turned out that the existing software did not match the complexity and quantity of variables.

That is why Plannr is built with an approach from the Planner and the Employee. It was important that it be an intuitive and visually appealing environment that is easy to use.

In recent years, Plannr has developed into a complete package for scheduling flexible staff in various industries. We develop based on the feedback from our customers in combination with a clear roadmap for the future. We still have the same goal, take care of the tricky things, so you can focus on other things.

How it started

In 2013 the company of the owners of Plannr started to grow considerably. They rented photo booth systems for events and fixed locations. The flexible pool of employees grew from about 8 people to about 45 people, varying from photographer to shift manager and hostess.

She made personnel schedules in Excel. That works quite well for about 10 people, but after that it becomes unclear. Many calls or people can work, e-mail, notes with hours worked, incorrect invoices, changing services, dropouts, in short, expired contracts … hassle and takes a lot of time and stress.

That is when they started looking for a suitable planning package. Even then (2014) there was a wide range of different packages. But no package matched the wishes. This was mainly because all available packages were aimed at creating repetitive schedules. While different types of personnel had to be deployed for changing customers, in changing locations with changing times. Not a single package was aimed at that.

Eventually they decided to develop their own software and then expand with new functions. They do this based on their own vision, but mainly by listening to customer feedback to make it even better.

Plannr is now used not only within the hospitality industry but also in the security sector.

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