Communicate with your employees

Stay in touch with your employees by sending unlimited

push messages and emails to filtered groups and fill shifts even faster.


Send push messages

A last minute change or new service, send a push notification to the filtered group of employees. And fill your shift within minutes.

E-mail messages

Targeted e-mails to employees who can register directly or respond to an open job.


Post general announcements

Post general announcements in the App. Select for which employees the message should be visible.

Invite employees to Planner

After your existing employees have all been imported into Plannr, you can invite them to Plannr at the touch of a button. They receive a guided tour and step-by-step explanation.

  • Guided tour for new employees
  • Support with frequently asked questions


Dat snappen we best. Vraag vrijblijvend een demo aan voor Plannr.
Op die manier kan je Plannr zelf ervaren!

Waarom Plannr

Visueel en intuïtief

Snelle en vriendelijke ondersteuning

Nadruk op planning voor flexibel personeel

Volledig aanpasbaar

Gemakkelijk in te stellen en te gebruiken

Makkelijk communiceren met medewerkers

Slimmer plannen. Minder gedoe.